Boss Micro BR-80
Boss Micro BR-80

Micro BR-80, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Boss in the BR series.

mortimer Valla 03/28/2013

Boss Micro BR-80 : mortimer Valla's user review

«  there is everything, too much of everything »

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I use it for a year. When I put the drive home studio I have 7 or 8 switches turn on, wait until everything is operational ... It is simply too heavy for a small note air that comes like that and make arrangements on the fly. Where this purchase.
I have not tried anything else.
there are 3 modes. One classical multitrack that goes well, one for practice on pre-recorded songs and one that is actually a digital stereo tape. I only use the first. many drum loops and effects complete enough good enough "chips". effect Cosm (modeling at Boss) is interesting to ask a bass line even if you have a guitar in hand. Unfortunately this is not detachable. Once registered revenri no way back.
I like the built-in microphones. Acoustic guitar it sounds great.
I do not like the menu navigation, usability is catastrophic. At the same time it is difficult to have so many opportunities (8 Tracks "physical" batteries with loops, effects, modeling Cosm, etc ...) with some unfortunate selection buttons. another thing I do not like is the loop mode must drop a marker at the beginning and end and the latency induced to return to the loop start is impossible to obtain a zero cycle fluid.
value for money seems to me entirely appropriate.
I will not make that choice if I found exactly what suits me (but I have not found): 6 tracks maximum, minimum effects (reverb, distortion) loops battery with editable integrated HP mini. It's a bit ch ... always having to connect headphones.