M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96
M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96

MicroTrack 24/96, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from M-Audio in the MicroTrack series.

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lse 11/18/2005

M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 : lse's user review

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5 years later .....

The big problem of this device is its battery fixed it a sealed disposable recorder.
This is something to consider for those considering a purchase occasion.

If at the time it was quite exceptional, there are now more interesting proposals, on the side of Zoom, Tascam, Marantz etc ...

In short it was a pioneer, it's still a great device, but it is now beyond all this about a battery .... grrrr ....
===================== ========================= Original text =========
I've had 15 days

Features I like most
- The size and weight. It is a craft that I can have permanently in my bag, which is not the case with other tools certainly much more efficient but two or three times more expensive and bigger. The MicroTrack is a bit to make a comparison photo, a good compact. Not worth a reflex, but you can have all the time with you and sometimes it is better using a contraption but there is a great thing .. but that is at home.
- The sound quality with the supplied microphone. This is not a Nagra with Schoeps, but for my use is very sufficient. I have not tried seriously with external microphones. rectification microphone bluffing at first, but use it well nttement months, to escape (it's funny because the first impression is quite good, but then it goes bad hairy)
- Input / Output (attention, see below)
- Ease of use
- Includes all options (microphone, headset, charger, small map) and can be used immediately

My least favorite features
- Build quality barely fit a toy
- The display shows anything so it's no real control as possible
- The partial side CF card (it accepts the original Kodak and Sandisk, Ridata, but denies that I use with my camera)
- Made available to some rule of thumb (when USB is plugged into the S / PDIF is inaccessible while, there was the place)

I filled a lot but I have not used others before, just a minidisk (Sony MZ-R30) that made the soul and the MicroTrack a function to replace

In absolute value for money is a disgrace.
M-Audio (like its competitors, Edirol and Marantz) must marger like a pig on this machine. When you see the quality of manufacturing a Minidisk next (my MZ-R30 which is cheaper is all metal with precision engineering inside) that is breathtaking.
This thing but lightweight plastic and made in China, is expected to cost just half.

In practice, since it is the cheapest in the market .. the ratio Q / P is excellent

With the experience I would do without hesitation that choice (unless a competitor is equivalent and cheaper).
After some reports done with it, the MicroTrack if annoying (or scary) at the start is a little thing really well, small, simple and very decent quality.
To record classical concerts or theft of a 300m fly shotgun microphone is perhaps not the ultimate weapon, but to use radio type is very ample, and even very pleasant to use

Beware the number of entries.
I think Jack's 6.35 more than doubtful. so that the MT is manufactured much like a pack of chewing gum weighs less than my mic cable XLR-> Jack which means that it is not the microphone that is attached to the magneto magneto but which is attached to end of the microphone cable. In the long run it smells very strong concern, I suspect that the reliability of Jack will soon be a concern.

Note: the comment above (Hermes) is optimistic .. (if not commercial);

- The phantom power supply is a friendly joke, it delivers 30V instead of 48V regulations, so much so that M-Audio publishes a list of compatible microphones (funny thing, this is not the case of microphones M-Audio):
- Http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.faq&ID=7fb377f3ef962038a26bc5c2291bafc1
That said I use an audio-technica (ATM31a) takes 9-52V phantom and walk in with the impeccable MicroTrack.

- The "there is no breath" is very optimistic. The MicroTrack lays a sound correct, but it is not a Nagra (besides the MT itself is cheaper than a quality preamp, there is no secret)

- Not only all the cards are not recognized (the list is there: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MicroTrack2496-focus.html) but the recognition of certain cards is a little rock ' n roll (the manipulation is also detailed here by m-audio: http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.faq&ID=8c9df6e8dd4618d117ac56e0cb84a1a3)