Nagra ARES BB+
Nagra ARES BB+
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athanor 05/13/2007

Nagra ARES BB+ : athanor's user review


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I am the acquisition in September 2006.
I use it as part of capturing mood in MS
with a Schoeps MS pair (2 x CMC 6 + capsule Bidi and Cardio).

Its preamps, from the Nagra 5, give me complete satisfaction.
For my part, I do not have "click-click-click" continuously??
On the contrary the signal / noise ratio is very compelling.
Testify in compression tests in post-production on recordings
from the Nagra. Result: the background noise of the place where
I recorded is raised (which makes sense) but no sound inhering in

I especially like the range of more than a dozen
with only 6 hours of R6.

All aspects of me away from the Fostex FR2 and Tascam HDP2 who
prémplis of very improvable and energy management
not very good because of their autonomy deplorable.
This should not be overlooked as a unit
pissing everywhere, does not bode well in terms of quality
manufacturing, and suddenly, it affects the quality of the recording.
And then the tascam has no liability for the MS dématriceur headphones.

As against it is true that not everything is rosy on the nagra.
Including ergonomically with the use of the + or - button to adjust the level of entregistrement. Wish I could have two pots all round. Here for once, it's not very Nagra, and I fully understand that this may be a disqualifying fault. I got used but still!

For cons, I love his peak meter, far more accurate than a dB scale F / S.

I would say that in this price range, the Nagra Ares BB + is by far the best, both in recording quality in autonomy. I do not regret my choice.