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Al1_24 10/16/2013

Olympus LS-10 : Al1_24's user review

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I needed a pocket recorder better than my cassette dictaphone to capture rehearsals benefits outdoor enthusiasts or concerts.
I had gone to buy a portable MD. Once found the unit price and added an external microphone, I was ready to give up my desire to purchase with the cost ... and I came across a promotion of CNAF where the remote was offered.
To me, these small portable digital recorders were nothing better than a dictaphone. Reading technical Characteristics made me change my mind.

What I like the most is its compactness and ease of use.
What I like least is its battery consumption (a pair of alkaline to ten hours of operation). After it suffices to provide a set of batteries in advance ;)

What I find very useful is the thread to size photograph (Olympus requires) a level camera is much less heavy and bulky than a mic!
Although the internal memory capacity of 2 GB is comfortable, use an SD card can be affrachir the cable to transfer to a PC.
Embedded microphones are directional enough to save a good stereo image of a hand and do not capture the noise ambients (Comments neighbors!). Equipped with their bonette they are relatively protected from wind noise. We then noticed the resemblance between this unit and a famous mouse :) )

The value for money was very interesting compared to a MD configuration at the time of purchase. Today the MD has disappeared from the market, the choice is made.