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chevdor 09/22/2009

Olympus LS-10 : chevdor's user review


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*** How long have you use it?
I reu today!

I jump on it without opening the doc and I dj russi without difficulty doing what I wanted to do! Good beginners.
Even when I missed a few explanations of some options a little obscure but some tests or documentation allowed me to understand quickly.
Pleasant surprise, the batteries are provided. It's not for the price of two LR6 reoit but when a new toy is fun to play with aussitt!
I dballe all the terrace of a caf IDAL place to do some testing. Once back home, I could apprci the contents of the box:
- Bag a lot, simple, useful. It lacks a way for attaching the belt. I never n'accroche my belt but I guess in some cases, may be practical.
- Foam protection blast (note well the clip!)
- Tlcommande and IR Receivers
- Strap
- USB cable
- Cubase LE
- Docs
- Cable jack / jack socket 3.5mm practice to import / export to or from another device (CD player, Systm registration, ...)

*** What is the particular feature you like best and least?
It smells like the right product. Sounds tough, I wondered if the interface would be nice. Many compare the Systm menu of the ipod and I was wondering if an ipod imitation was nice. In fact, the interface is simple, convenient and effective!
J'apprcie the quality of the sound, although sr, with a winning background, a "hisssssss" a little.

Some would say that we are 6 directories which limit is a problem ... I would say that it is a solution ... was used to restrain himself a little store!
Too bad that some functions just like the 'zoom' to be states that the PCM and with certain constraints Sampling rate.

I also bought a small lavalier microphone by the same occasion. Little of this dception ct (I may be an option pass ct), as the micro course MONO, ls LS-10 records on the left lane and there right. I prfr in this case the zinzin happening in mono, or duplicates of two cents (but the blow would surely Chow storage space).

I like the adjustable function key which can be assigned The argument that we want. For example, this button lets you choose the encoding without going through the menu, or choose the type of 'zoom', type 'reverb' (I got these useless but good reverb <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> Is clever but mostly practice.

*** Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Essay no, but yes read. J'tais originally hung Zoom H4N but I had my way, afraid of (and I mean by being afraid of because I have not tried it but just read reviews ...):
- The size of H4N
- Weight
- Appearance standard remembering my Archos ...
- Limit their autonomy, while the LS-10 it is a MODEL in the genus

*** How do you report qualitprix?
It is home to a dictaphone zinzin but given the product, I find a honnte because the quality is the appointment and I think the product well finished and ergonomic.

*** With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
My exprience is not yet standard but for now, I cop my choice!

*** Additional Information
I have read in other opinions that tlcommande n'tait not viable. Documentation Announces Operating 5m, I could vrifier. In my case, she seems to work fine. This is a tlcommande infrared, similar those used for TV, DVD, etc ... no better, no worse. Note that no test to see if I even think that the door must be limited in amount because of the collection's outdoor IR of Lumire natural.
I put a 9 / 10 because no product is perfect, nanmoins, the product matches my expectations: small, lightweight, battery in the economy, quality microphones simple and convenient.)