Sony PCM-D50
Sony PCM-D50
AudioRock 09/16/2012

Sony PCM-D50 : AudioRock's user review

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I bought this recorder nine there barely 2 years into believing invest in a good quality product and very reliable (having other Sony audio devices that still work without problem after 30 years), but this time I am extremely disappointed . I had always taken care of this unit (it never fell, nor took the humidity) and I managed to make some beautiful recordings Live indoors or outdoors, but after 1 year and a half use, it began to seriously bugguer alas suddenly. I do not know for what reason, the recording level of the left channel became two times smaller than the right making records now unusable. It is impossible to adjust the levels of the two pickups so independent and so to solve this problem / bug. It is therefore necessary to go through a technical service repair Sony. Considering the prices generally charged deterrent, I gave up and got pulled over buying another recorder newest twice cheaper from another brand and much lighter that I hope will be more reliable. What I liked most about the PCM-D50 was recording quality (when it worked correctly of course) and what I hate the most is its poor reliability (and to a lesser extent its weight heavy enough too). This bad experience was cool and I do not really recommend this model which a priori seemed very promising. This is unfortunate, and the price / quality ratio is very bad in my opinion. A word ...