vsavagellc 10/21/2013

Tascam DR-40 : vsavagellc's user review

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I want to start off by saying this is a very good recorder. Tascam truly delivered with this unit and I'm surprised other companies don't follow in their footsteps.

What I liked Least:

I hate the floor noise, the preamps are a lot noisier than other recorders in this price range, but not by much. I making this non because it could have been a little quieter. But still, fantastic recorder and the noise is nothing that can't be cleaned

Other Recorders:

I've tried tons of recorders: Zoom H1, Fostex FRle, Zoom H2n, Olympus etc... I'd like to focus in on the main competitor this recorder rivals which is ZOOM's H4n.

The DR40 doesn't have as many features as the H4n, but it has enough as well as 2XLR inputs and it's $70-$100 cheaper than the H4n. There is no record in the DR40's price range that offer 2 XRL inputs, that's something major to consider.

The stock mics switch from XY to AB pattern and they have a guard which helps reduce the chances of the mics breaking when bumped around unlike the most recorders.

I also love the fact that the DR40 has "Dual Recording" Mode. This means it has a auto safety track so if one track clips, there is a another track (a back up track) which is recorded lower than the original.

That allow is a really great feature and one that has saves me time and time again.

Sound Quality:

I would say the Dr40 sounds just as good as most recorders. Especially it's close rival the H4n. I've put the recorder up against a more expensive recorder like the FR2LE and could hardly notice a difference.

The stock mics sound good, but not as good as a shotgun mic so I would suggest using this recorder a long with a shotgun mic.

If you're planning on getting this recorder, know that it accepts 3 AA batteries. I would buy lots of rechargeable batteries and keep them on hand.

When you use the Phantom power (to power mics) it eats at the batteries a little quicker, so be prepared