Line 6 Pocket POD Express
Line 6 Pocket POD Express

Pocket POD Express, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

marcofromtheshot 09/02/2014

Line 6 Pocket POD Express : marcofromtheshot's user review

«  perfectible but practical »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Line 6 Pocket POD Express, with input and output jack, a headphone output, input transformer type effects pedal, and possibility of batteries: a GAIN button EFFECTS REVERB / ​​DELAY, and VOLUME. Warning no equalizer or bass / treble adjustment.


Simplicity itself. I use the gain knob "clean" to "crunch", judging the simulations "rock" and "metal" too saturated for my game. effect button is nice but loads fast, so use sparingly. The reverb is very successful but the same: it loads fast mule so caution!
Tap Echo function is nice: no need to adjust the delay times on the tempo, and if ever the tempo of group fleet a little (but it never happens ^^), a small Tap Tap and you're off again.


The headphone, RAS: simulations are effective and intuitive settings. Caution: if you're used to using it with headphones, you can expect totally different reactions on an amp or on a table. From experience, I've found that on the table Pod tends to no longer issue as acute, which can ring your best strat like a saucepan.
I for one live in a situation of no possibility of going through an amp, I use an equalizer pedal and tube overdrive types. The pod then I use reverb, volume and possibly chorus.


Of course, at that price it does not expect a revolution. Yet it Pod Express can be quite useful, if one knows the capabilities and limitations. This is a good value, but it does not replace an amp.