Line 6 Pocket POD Express
Line 6 Pocket POD Express

Pocket POD Express, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

raffaello 12/11/2009

Line 6 Pocket POD Express : raffaello's user review


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Line 6 Pocket Pod Express. 5 amp models: - clean: 64's fender twin reverb, twang: 64 Fender Deluxe Reverb, crunch: Vox AC30 Top Boost, rock: Marshall JCM 800, metal: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier tremoverb. 3 effects: chorus POD 2.0, classic Fender tremolo, flanger Pod 2.0. A digital delay with tap tempo Pod 2.0, a spring reverb fender of Pod 2.0, stereo reverb hall of Pod 2.0. + A tuner. Operates on battery or mains. Connectors: guitar ins, in, headphones (recording), amp out. master volume control, adjustable gain or depth-specific effect of each of them. Supplied batteries, belt clip. Simple instructions (there are more complete on the site of Line 6).


The setup is very simple, you plug headphones and guitar, turn the volume and it's ready to play! After there is a dial to select the amp, in fact it turns + the more gain then it goes to the following amp (not serrated). Same for the effects. There is a tap tempo for the delay. A bypass to agree (not very practical).


The effects are good, I prefer clean sounds in general and they convinced me but I am persuaded by the rock and metal are very good too. After the adjustments are very precise and it's still modeling but it's better than my old Zoom G2 (especially for distos). The effects are nickels and do not breath. Only the flanger that I will not, not that bad either but I do not need. The delay is the big positive surprise since there is a tap tempo! It changes everything! The reverb is perfect to expand the sound. Nothing to throw except that I'm not too utility model and the metal flange. And the tuner is useless!


I've had it yesterday. Before I had a G2, which is not really in the same category, and that's why I bought a pocket pod espresso, I wanted something simpler, smaller and independently. But it is also its most convincing level and there is a little surprise! I had a Vox amPlug headphone to play but it was much worse. Sound Waves is the true conccurrent IGTR but it is hard to find and from what I hear really rotten. His big brother Pocket POD can be compared to him is much more comprehensive but this is not the same use, there was the sound right away, you can play 5 minutes, it's great practice. I got it for 59 euros so very happy, I would do the same choice because I found what suits me, little effect but simple and convincing!

The pros: - easy to use headphones to play
- All sounds are convincing
- Cool effects and delay with tap tempo
- Portable and lightweight batteries supplied
- Volume control and gain effective
- Good build quality (eg knobs are precise alignment)
- No competition at this price if you want a simple way to get sound on
- Auxiliary input for playing on a playback
- Even amp it sounds pretty good

the -: - no mini-jack cable or AC adapter included (and it eats into the battery!)
- No on / off but you must disconnect the plug
- The tuner is only for troubleshooting
- LED's tap tempo never stops flashing, drunk

Overall: it's great, but some defects as small details so I highly recommend it.
Edict of 13 November 2010: after having sold the first time, I have to buy one because after almost tried everything I found nothing that sounded better to play with headphones.