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MGR/Jay Spicer 12/05/2001

Line 6 POD : MGR/Jay Spicer 's user review

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Purchased at Long and Mquade/Ward Music North Vancouver BC Canada. I aquired the pod because I had just moved from a house into a small apartment. I knew I wouldn't have the room for all my gear plus I don't think playing with any sort of volume through your amp really endears you to your new neighbours. As far as cost goes, I bought the POD about a year ago and can't remember the exact price. It was aroun $475 CDN.

I like absolutely everything about the POD. Right out of the box this thing is just tons of fun. The 16 amp models all have a very distinct and tasteful sound. I doubt very much that it matters to the average person whether or not the "Tweed Blues" setting sounds exactly like a vintage fender '59 Bassman being that most people could never afford one in the first place. At any rate, even if you are a real tone snob you can't help but enjoy the delicious flavours this thing puts out. The 16 effects settings plus the effects tweak knob are terrific as well. The effects tweak allows you total control over all the effects ranging from a tight compressor to a wide open flange. The super bright LED display is easy to read and the simple 1-10 style circular knobs allow for all kinds of tone adjustment.

The only thing I don't particularily like is the colour choice on the lettering around the outside of the unit that tell you where the inputs and line/midi outs are. In this case dark grey on dark red is pretty much invisible in any kind of lighting. As for seeing it in low light...forget about it,it aint going to happen.

The POD housing is very rugged. All metal,no plastic and super heavy. I haven't had occasion to kick or drop my POD yet, however, I'm sure it would be up to the test.

All in all this is a great product for anyone who loves great guitar tones but doesn't have the space,time,and or money to mess around with ten different amps and two milk crates full of effects. I haven't even touched on all of the other cool functions and features of this devise but trust me, they are well worth the cost of this unit. Easy to use,great tones, low price,funky packaging, and what more can I say. This one is easily a 6 out 5. Cheers.

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