Vox amPlug Acoustic
Vox amPlug Acoustic

amPlug Acoustic, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Vox in the amPlug series.

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chaps31 08/08/2010

Vox amPlug Acoustic : chaps31's user review

«  Excellent product »

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Mic amp transistor. ;) Connected to the jack on the guitar.
Blend: Amends the warmth of his
Tone: QED
Volume: volume

I note with regard to the excellent product type, not in comparison with an amp of course (same for the following notes)


Simple operation, it plugs into the jack on the guitar, you plug a headset, it is "On" and now we play with good amplification in the headphone and can not bother anyone, can not be simpler and more efficient .

The quality of the headphone plays, personally according to the settings I have a little to much wind, but it's not really embarrassing, knowing you will not get worse because I use headphones with my iPhone 10 euros ... So better a mid-range headphones but even with low-end headphones it gives a good result.

Note that you can plug an MP3 player to play along.

I'm doing a test I plugged my pedal Loop (Guitar - Loop - amPlug - Headphone), it works perfectly! I even added in the queue and effects .... Perfect!

Ok very portable but more work I need my loop pedal, but I have the Boss XL20 with his little sister found portability.


I took the amPlug acoustic qques because for months I put the Jazz, I bought it for an Ibanez 103 - WB-NT, so I was looking for a clear, preferably hot, to me is a Amplung way to play but also to work without breaking the ears of my neighbors (that is scales and modes of work is not what is most fun to listen though ... ..).

So I wanted a clear, warm, get my guitar ammplifiée, obviously I did not ask too much for this little plastic box and ... I am amazed by the result, it is excellent! This is obviously not an amp, but the quality is well beyond what I thought, I am really amazed at the quality of sound that comes out of this "box" ... There remains the problem of breath more or less annoying depending on the settings, but again a better quality headphone will improve the outcome.


I use it for 24 hours ... I have not been around (including the switch "FX"), but for someone who wants to play in his own more or less clear warm (or too much pushing all settings), to play for himself, work by not wearing his flight case, no doubt, really well done designers.