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electric grocery 02/17/2013

Vox Tonelab : electric grocery's user review

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pretty blue metal box that exudes health, here seems sturdy and is here. not rackable, damage but few actually are. all functions are editable on pc, well done. technology mixed digital / analog since part is managed by a 12AX7 tube. the connection is simple but fairly complete, we regret that the digital output is available at optical format, the grafted external bottom bracket is in RJ45 format that leaves you no choice as I pedal vox do not have and which I also going well.


use home studio, next to my pod2. VOX has also taken over it when I do not use both at the same time, you'll understand that I prefer. the grip is immediate, however, do not overlook the manual as it is packed with information on the allocation of a specific function and directly related to the type of modeled amp. thereby easily found sounds that are looking for. we regret the lack of an effects loop.


I do not know all the amps modeled perfectly by VOX, but to use home-studio illusion is good. I do not use very little built-in effects, the reverbs are correct. I put 8/10 because of the way I use it, then on stage I think it is better to connect to an amp very neutral style "Tech21", or directly on the console.


compared to pod2, we play in the same league, although is much easier to use. I find the overall sound quality better than my POD, that said here is subjective. the quality / price ratio today if you find the occas is very good, clear I'm happy with my choice.