Roland Micro Cube
Roland Micro Cube

Micro Cube, Portable Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

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rhum66 11/02/2004

Roland Micro Cube : rhum66's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amplification transistor.6 MODELS-amp + Voice, modeling, perform the COSM.
-10 Watts
-1 Between guitar and headphones.
-Modlisations: Acoustic / Jazz Chorus / Twin Reverb / VOX / Marshall / Mesa / Micros voice.
-Effect Modulation: Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Trmolo
-Reverb & Delay (separate and could be combined with the effects of modulation.
-CONTRL: Tone (aigu-basse.), Gain, Volume gnrale.


In two seconds, you get the sound of the modlisation the tone rglage gnrale gives color, then you can put reverb effects and / or delay.
-If one does not affect the rverb but just the rev's its roots, including excellent overdrive marshall type 'Vox and Mesa.
-The clean sounds are very soft twin type, on the other hand can not make them cruncher (except with a tube screamer.dans this position, the gain is excs "hound" the little speaker 5 ", so go There it easy.
-The effects let you enter FM rock type sound that I like least personnelllement except trmolo modlisation with twin and vox.


-Fits all styles, except possibly be the NUmetal, although the type MODELLING Rectifier sounds rough and tough.
Ma stratocastre goes well with this amp work.
Choruses and twin-Jazz: Trs beautiful crystal cruncher without, however.
-Vox: Depending on the gain, trs beautiful sound meduim soft ultra clear up to the saturation. trs stones style rock dynamics.
Marshall: Well runny and soft, less dynamic than the gain vox.Meilleur rsultats bottom.
-Mesa saturation of fuzz.On Hrissi rapper feels that a small fire dchire the HP.


-Use for 6 months: No problem with amp work and travel.
The twin-MODELLING do not unfortunately, and crunch makes contact with the HP gain with a background ..
With a tube-screamer is really gnial: Sound very low price and low power for the job without pissing anyone.
-115 Euros is given to six ready-made sounds workable, clear lens of the raspy fuzz.
-This amp allows me to isolate myself and all my work without dmenager monster to play in the living room on discs or on the street (runs on batteries.).
The essence of the mini-amp is here.
-Would like to have an opinion on the 60-watt Roland modlisation.