EON 15P, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from JBL.

ericou1 07/20/2013

JBL EON 15P : ericou1's user review

«  A store in the trash ... »

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JBL has put together a great penury there, totally missed pregnant. Go buy a pair of speakers Thomann (the box) same power same size, you will be much happier. It has the typical JBL sound "hi-fi" yucky and cheap found in a car: the bass is not good when you want to push the bass, it trembles in the HP, the highs are aggressive, and yet it happens to hear the voice clearly. I tried to return pregnant, my guitar would not stand properly. In short, even if I was I certainly do not DJ would buy it, it's a sound all there is more unhealthy (newer cars comportants the "hi-fi" sound better to origin that these speakers!)

But not to be bad language, I'm going to find a positive to this scam signed JBL: it has at least the merit of his exit! this is a good forum for a assoc ', accompanied by a nice micro mega cheap at 20 euros, with its molded cable jack on the microphone, all connected to the speaker directly (live feedback when and its rotten! )