Mackie SRM450v2
Mackie SRM450v2

SRM450v2, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

spartiate300 05/14/2011

Mackie SRM450v2 : spartiate300's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I've had for over five years and it rocks SA1521 thunder, I sold to save space and weight, to buy the mackie and here I am with SRM450v2 (2X lighter) and a near equal power and it farts! I also had the HK Audio active speakers and amplified with the home MACKIE M1400!! At this time I was impressed by the detail and balance of sound and punch of Mackie. The value for money is excellent, you can go with your eyes closed. Still a small reserve on the fineness of his who found a slight notch below the age of FCR, but the internal amps equalize well together. A gadget too: the international ass of the enclosure which is then turned off when there is more to its source. It's the cat pee. I do it again without hesitation that the choice of active speaker and I have in the project to acquire srm1801 to catapult my system power. However, if I had the budjet necessary, I'm gone on the FCR or JBL.