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Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Yamaha DSR115

    Yamaha DSR115 - " Top notch"


    Use for 2 months approx. discomobile and karaoke night. I had the opportunity to try out the DXR15. The DSR115 "grow" more than DXR15 with two models for the need to correct slightly acute. The bass is more sustained with DSR, the wooden case being t…

  • FBT ProMaxX 12a

    FBT ProMaxX 12a - " Excellent !!"


    Used for 2 years now .. Before, I was a hardcore RCF, still active: Art 300A, 500A Art, Art 322A. I was anyway too faces the perennial problem of attachment condenser over a series (including my pair part) broke and was causing some kind of sho…

  • RCF ART 715-A MK II

    RCF ART 715-A MK II - " not worth the price"


    hello, I used since June (2014) yes, I used the following models: -openings two bose 802 with two 302 -rcf art 500a -jbl eon 615 -yamaha dxr15 what avai me most is the weight and the power advertised. yield and its quality is disappoint…

  • Alto Professional TS110A

    Alto Professional TS110A - " Not bad at all"


    I have two that I use as a floor or small benefits for more than a year. I have 2 RCF 412A + 1 subwoofer RCF 718 AS for theatrical release. Line has 2 inputs and Micro symmetrical (type combo XLR / Jack 6.35) which allows you to connect two sour…

  • FBT HiMaxX 60a

    FBT HiMaxX 60a - " Big sound 60a"


    Hello everyone, having toured with himaxx 40a + sub himaxx 100SA, I decided for smaller parties to make me a pair of 60a. As the title says very very big sound, quality always fbt to go, great product for its quality manufacturing that sound, only do…

  • Mackie SRM350v2

    Mackie SRM350v2 - " Less reliable than the V1: the proof in pictures"


    I SRM 350 V1 for 10 years: never worry despite the sometimes hard for them conditions. I SRM 350 V2 2 years since I've already sent 2 times for repair, both. Here is a picture of the electronic parts of the 2 versions. Reducing component quali…

  • HK Audio PL 112 FA

    HK Audio PL 112 FA - " day and night"


    Sacred contrast to my previous sound (2 auro D208 + 2 sub eagletone) - Rendering voice is much better - Even without cabinet there as much bass (in standalone mode / outline) with my old sub 10 " - Solo (from 1.50m) of Another Country for CASS…

  • RCF ART 310-A MK III

    RCF ART 310-A MK III - " Not bad ..."


    In 2012, we bought two speakers RCF Art 310A MkIII for use as feedback, but also occasionally as main speakers. These speakers are used with 01V96i background music for groups with generally amplified acoustic sounds or Sweet (no pum tchac, no gui…

  • QSC K12

    QSC K12 - " correct but nothing sévanouir"


    How long have you use it? park in our gear we have 4 of these critters have been using them for a little less than a year What thing do you like most and least? most: the dising, the mass is not very heavy the brand that the product provides…

  • QSC K8

    QSC K8 - " TOP € 1,200 well dépenssé"


    Where to start, and if I had to sum in one word it would be astonishing, a compact size that pregnant Thomann hits hard with amplification are made in QSC. In excellent finish these small speaker does not forget the practice of being back is filled w…