Hartke VXL Bass Attack
Hartke VXL Bass Attack

VXL Bass Attack, Bass preamp pedal from Hartke in the AC series.

MGR/Robin Hurt 11/28/2004

Hartke VXL Bass Attack : MGR/Robin Hurt 's user review

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I bought this unit from Zzounds for $99.95.

If you can buy just one pedal for your bass guitar then this is the one to get.I couldn't believe how much it improved the tone of my Peavey T40 and all I did was to set the knobs on the Bass Attack to the first suggested setting in the manual.Incredible!

Most of the tones are very usable and totally smoke but if you turn up the overdrive too much-well there's always room for improvement.

Overall the unit is well-built-although I did have to glue a couple of caps on the knobs back on probably due to rough handling during shipment.

I promise-if you try this pedal out and set it to some of the suggested settings- you will not want to turn it off.It's a great pedal for recording also. It can be powered by phantom power and will really add a professional sound to your bass tracks.Go get it!

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