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Bass preamp pedals user reviews

  • Electro-Harmonix Bass Metaphors

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Metaphors - viviemusic's review


    Features effects pedal with an input jack and 3 outputs a line out jack, an output jack and an output xlr.1 switch to activate the compressor and 2 footswitch, one for distortion and the other for the knobs bypass.6 SETTINGS 1 volume, 1 distal, 1 …

  • EBS ValveDrive

    EBS ValveDrive - multiplate's review


    Preampmli lamp UTILIZATION Config Simplz one branch and one seeks through its EQUAL SOUNDS I am absolutely satisfied with this preamp, I leave permanently activé.le his growls sound is round. more than I thought my odb3 resell any afait bec…

  • EBS MicroBass II

    EBS MicroBass II - quesal's review


    Transistor preamp / di with tube emulation and HP Two cranberry corect with different parameters and filters Each one, controlled by footswitch can be powered by phantom mute volumes of input / output / drive / insert balanced output and li…

  • Hartke VXL Bass Attack

    Hartke VXL Bass Attack - cisco_closer's review


    All said and I will not make the repetition .. so what if the mouse wheel is HS. I put 7 because the equalizer, as was said, could have at least three bands (the sudden I branch not return on the amp, but on the equalization to be correct) EDIT…

  • Sadowsky Bass Preamp / D.I.

    Sadowsky Bass Preamp / D.I. - Jael's review


    Very simple case 1 entry output jack, XLR and tuner Adjusting bass and treble gain at unity gain: qd the knob is fully gain is 1 one 9V battery a switch on / off for corrections and one for the mute UTILIZATION We can by be easier! Th…

  • Ampeg SVT-DI

    Ampeg SVT-DI - jorb34's review


    The socity Ampeg launches a box of direct light, to give some warmth to the sound of the instrument directly connect a console. Team one 12AX7 tube, the direct box Ampeg SVT-DI is an instrument amplifier, offering to find the grain and often uniqu…

  • Sadowsky Bass Preamp / D.I.

    Sadowsky Bass Preamp / D.I. - bassman62's review


    <div></div> I have the RSD model 1 is the same as this but with a headphone jack and a line in and more in a white box (made in korea). Black is manufactured in the United States. at the back: mini switch on / off, a 9 volt AC power supply betwee…

  • Hartke VXL Bass Attack

    Hartke VXL Bass Attack - John Michael's review


    Casing used primarily as the direct sound pickup without a receiver Yamaha AW1600. PCHE and impeccable sound, including sounds the old type "Ampeg" 70's, but also for current sounds. The icing on the gteau: no need for power supply in this case, th…

  • Radial Engineering Bassbone

    Radial Engineering Bassbone - waylander666's review


    Tonebone Bassbone sorry it's in English UTILIZATION The Bassbone is a direct box "deluxe" for bass! First of all what use? the box has two switchable inputs assigned a specific two channels. 1st…

  • EBS ValveDrive

    EBS ValveDrive - pascalray's review


    Preamli a lamp there is a lamp 12 AX7 input and output jack correction gain, treble, mid low, volume, preamp to come across Monne brand) Direct injection box UTILIZATION The config is very sound simplele vious get when you plug it is good…