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Thread Anyone using Studio One? Thoughts?

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1 Anyone using Studio One? Thoughts?
Hello, I've been using Logic and find it extremely complicated. I've heard Studio One is very user friendly, but I have also heard that about Pro Tools, which is widely regarded as the standard.

Have any of you had experience with Studio One (version 1 or 2)? Specifically have you had experience with Studio One as well as Pro Tools? What are your thoughts? Would you recommend something else?

I'm not a true sound engineer so I would value a DAW that's very user-friendly and not complicated to simply track (while also providing high quality plugins and not sacrificing sound quality). Thanks!

Studio One 2 dethroned Logic 9 as my go-to DAW for production in my studio. I still use Pro Tools 10 for mixing, however. It's just too streamlined and useful to look for a replacement in that regard
Studio One 2 is fluid and intuitive and doesn't get in the way of my creative process during music production.

I'm not a presonus fan, especially considering how almost every presonus unit I sold at sam ash got returned, so I stopped selling their crap, but their DAW is simply amazing.

Looking back, I think the problems their hardware had was probably due to a firewire chipset issue, but at the time I had no clue what that was, only that everything was being returned, but I digress