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Thread Question: how to isolate samples?

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1 Question: how to isolate samples?
Ever had two songs play together in your head? Then you, like me, may have been tempted to make a legit mash-up of what you hear in your imagination.

But when you play the real records together, the drum beats don't much, the one's mix crowds the other out, etc. It's not what you had in mind.

So, if I want a sample of just one instrument, or voice, or noise, from a song to put in my mix, how do I get it without taking a bunch of backbeats, background vocals, and other background noise with it? How do I isolate that one sound? What are the tools I would use? What's the jargon for performing this operation? Is there a tutorial you can point me to?

-a double disc daydreamer
If I understand what you want, you wish to get just a part of a mixed song (drums or guitar, for instance) ?
It's almost impossible to do.
You can use some filters, or "vocal cancelers" to remove some parts, but you can't isolate only one part of the song if there are others parts playing along.

The future Melodyne version previewed in MusikMesse in Franktfurt (video) should be able to do this, what is astounding. But who knows when it will be released ?
Hey Svax.
try https://www.acapellas4u.co.uk/
get the acapella and see if that helps you.

enjoy. :)