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Thread [Getting started] Increasing your productivity

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1 [Getting started] Increasing your productivity
Increasing your productivity
I must admit that today's topic makes me grind my teeth, but we really need to call things by their name. And, as with any other creative discipline, when it comes to mixing, productivity is important, if only to try to land all those ideas constantly roaming the mind of the "creator." Although, in my opinion this a lost battle anyway, because when you actually crystallize an idea, it invariably leaves an empty space that must be filled with yet another one. But that's the whole idea, isn't it? And since it's impossible, let's get hands-on with it!

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For me, I can usually forecast the mixing work pretty well if I've got a good set of stems. Unfortunately, it's editing that can blow the schedule all to kingdom come. If it's a couple of pops or clicks, no problem. But if it needs comping, tuning, vocal cleanup (breaths & noise), tightening up drums and bass (dynamic or manual splitting and quantizing), I have to make a decision to either do it myself or send it back. It seems most mix engineers have a price point for editing ($25 to $250 an hour depending on complexity), I'd just rather not do it anymore unless it's my own mix. I used to enjoy it, but now it's just tedious and can add hours or days to a project...