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Thread Has anyone tried Xenix Mixers?

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1 Has anyone tried Xenix Mixers?
I wan't to buy either Behringer UB-802 or Xenix-802 and I visited Behringer website and it says that Xenix mixers are latest as it uses British equalizers.So what's the improvement in the sound quality when compared to UB series? I need to connect my two keyboard AUX outputs tothe mixer.So is this Xenix mixers give good performance?

britsh eq just changes shelving frequency.

there is no improvement, its just different.
Can you please explain clearly what is shelving frequency?

it changes slightly the working frequencies. 80hz instead of 100hz, or 5khz instead of 12khz...

its just a different way to eq. you could say that "british eq" does not exist.

During the 1980's and 90's less expensive products began to show up from other parts of the world.

"British EQ" was thus coined as a marketing term that became used by many companies to combat less expensive products.

they felt that by making the distinction that not all mixers and EQ circuits sound the same they could maintain market share even at higher prices.

and the idea worked because there is still today quite a bit of mystique around the concept of "British EQ", as if it was some sort of "magical cool-sounding" tool.