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Thread shitty sound Help!!!!

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1 shitty sound Help!!!!
Need help! Bought Behringer equipment to play at daughters birthday for party/ 2x B300 Behringer speakers and mixer eurorack UB1202 / I play music mp3 from computer COMPAQ V3000 / but the sound is not up to standard, music sound alright but the voice sound like they are singing in a tin container, some of them and the rest is the voice not that clear its more like they are singing in the background

If u could help me (speakers is at the main out L & R of the mixer and my computer jack link to mic line 1on the mixer)
When I play the same music with normal speakers it's fine and even when I play it through my home theater system its ok.
are you plugging a stereo signal into a mono channel? if so, you are hearing only one side of the stereo field. that would explain the crappy vocals.
Thanks for advice but now I have a problem with the computer it sounds like the speakers through the mixer picks up the working parts of the computer, if I unplug the connection from my computer to the mixer the zzzzzzzzzz sound stops, but when I plug it in again it starts even when im not playing music. So to sum it up the connection between computer and mixer is at fault but I do not know how to run a test to se were the problem is, the advice that I received from the place were I bought the mixer say that I must cut the ground wire on my speakers but it makes no cense to me, Help please
i suppose you are using an onboard soundcard

outputs on these types of cards are at high level, so that they may be plugged directly to the speakers.

plugging in a mixer, raises the signal level AND the noise level, creating an annoying "zzzz" sound.

if this is your case, the solution is a better (possibly external) sound card.

But since buzzs and hums are really nasty by nature, you could also have a ground loop problem.

here is an article on this subject with good advice for a best solution:

good luck!
:D Thanks again /problem was the ground on my computer ac plug everything running smooth now.
My next problem is I do not know all the songs my children want me to play at the party, is their a way that while one song is playing through the mixer I can quickly listen to the next song before I decide to play it.
I hope u can help me as all the advice that I did receive was one the spot all the time
to do so, you would need an extra output from your soundcard.