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Thread Some questions about Mixer

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1 Some questions about Mixer
Atlast i purchased new Behringer Xenyx-802 mixer,I have some questions,please clarify.
1.My mixer has only one mono FX SEND and two stereo Left and right (STEREO AUX RETURN) sockets.Why only one socket provided for FX SEND?

2.What is CTRL ROOM OUT? what is the difference between MAIN OUTS and CTRL ROOM OUT?

3.If i wan't to connect my Xenyx mono AUX output to another PA amplifier,then which output is to be connected either FX SEND or any one channel of CTRL ROOM OUT?

4.For each channel there is LEVEL control,then what is the use of having additional FX level control?

Please clarify my queries.

1. because since most channels are mono, it makes no sense sending in stereo a mono signal. if you want to send in stereo, use 2 fx sends.
the fx returns are stereo because most external effects work in stereo even with a mono input (double delays, stereo reverbs etc...)

2. in a live situation, the main output goes to the PA system, the ctrl room is for the engineer's use to hear better single channels without compromising the main output.

3. i don't understand the question. please rephrase...

4. so then the fx level can be indipendent from the channel level.
1. yes you can. this way you will have a sort of "mixer in a mixer". as for stereo channels, the fx send is most likely to be a sum of L+R.

2. FX send can give you more flexibilty, CTRL out does not bypass the eq. its your choice. personally, i would use CTRL out.
Thanks for the clarification.Still i have some queries,please clarify.
1. Can I use Fx SEND for other purpose(as line level output)for connecting to external PA amplifier?If i use stereo line inputs(both L and R channels)of the mixer ,then is the FX SEND is the summing of both channels L and R or only either L or R channel?

2.Now I connected mixer MAIN OUTPUTS(L and R) to my Logitech z-5500 speaker system.and regarding my third question,Now i have to connect mixer output to another MONO PA amplifier,so which output is appropriate either FX SEND or CTRL OUTPUTS either L or R?

Waiting for the reply.