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Thread Hear it out....then tear it apart!!

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1 Hear it out....then tear it apart!!
If you have a few minutes to spare, listen to my hiphop mix and let me know your thoughts. I am interested in any input as long as its not hateful, haha. I have been mixing for awhile and your guys insight has really helped my progress. I listen on some small near-field monitors in a semi-treated room so my equipment is not great but I am beginning to get a feel on how they color the audio. I do have difficulty on getting good translation over many systems so let me know what it sounds like on yours. I will however be having all my mixes professionally mastered in the future.

Anyways the song is called "This is the West" and it can be found in the "critique this mix" folder at the following link:


Also, there is explicit language so don't listen if this offends you.