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Thread Mxing recorded vocals with "canned" stereo music

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1 Mxing recorded vocals with "canned" stereo music
I have a couple of clients that bring music already mixed to stereo to which I record their vocals to using PT 7.3. I just can't seem to get the vocals to sit in the mix correctly. I do not have this problem if the music is created in house, only with these "canned" beats. Is there any advice other than the obvious (bring musicians with you) that anyone can provide.
Sorry for the delay in replying, where do I upload mix? btw, I don't write the content I just record it so forgive any offensive lyrics.
well, beside the "classical" tips (reverb, compress, blah blah blah....), we can't really help you without an audio sample that points out your exact problem.
any file sharing service will do...
megaupload, rapidshare, yousendit.... google it up and pick one.