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Thread Behringer UB-802 Mixer outputs Question

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1 Behringer UB-802 Mixer outputs Question
I wan't to purchase Behringer UB-802 mixer and i have some questions,please clarify.
1.In the specifications of UB-802,it is stated that the main outputs are unbalanced.Is it not provide stereo outputs L and R?For example,I have two musical keyboards and each keyboard has two stereo outputs(LandR) and now fed these two stereo inputs to UB-802 Line 3/4 and 5/6. Now can i get single stereo outputs (L and R) at main out?
2.If the main ouputs are unbalanced type,then what is the use of having balanced stereo inputs and stereo equalizers in UB-802?why it is mentioned in the UB-802 specifications that the"Main out" is unbalanced?
please clarify.

it seems that you do not fully understand what balanced/unbalanced signal means.

a BALANCED signal is a transmission line consisting of two conductors (one is called HOT and the other COLD) in the presence of ground.
The signals on each line are the inverse of one another so that electromagnetic interference will affect both signals the same way. Similarities between the two signals are automatically removed at the end of the transmission path when one signal is reversed and subtracted from the other.

an UNBALANCED signal consists only of one conductor (HOT) and its shield. without the presence of a reversed signal, electromagnetic interference can compromise the quality of the transmission. Your keyboard outputs are most likely to be unbalanced.

balanced and unbalanced are NOT terms related to mono/stereo.

balanced inputs keep the sound interference-free, it does NOT mean that the signal is in stereo.
Thanks for your clarification,now i understood clearly about the balanced and unbalanced signal,sorry for confusing you with my stupid questions.