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Thread ...if its sounds good in this system, will it sound ok in this one...

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Topic ...if its sounds good in this system, will it sound ok in this one...
I have been mixing hip hop music for a little over a year now and I have really only scratched the surface of this art. I am always looking for input on my mixes to help me learn and improve my future mixing. I know that one of the most important pieces to a good mix is having good ears and the ability to tell what will and will not work. Anyways I am in the process of putting the final mix on our cd and I am running into a slight problem. I have been listening to my mixes in all different types of systems, from boombox's to home theater. Some systems it sounds great, real clean and the vocals sound just right, in others the vocals sound drowned out and at times real ear splitting with some of the higher tone vocals. Most of the time the stereos that have a close left and right speakers it sounds good, but when you put it in a large room with speakers spread quite a ways apart, thats when they sound drowned out by the beat. I would really appreciate it if you could lend me your ears to get a few different opinions on the mixes. I put up four diverse sounding tracks on our page so feel free to check them out and let me know if there is something I am not hearing.


I really appreciate your time and any feedback is welcome. I also want to warn you that there is explicit lyrics so please don't check out the tracks if that is going to offend you.


Also....this is just a small hometown project that is going to be burnt on cd-rs so we are not planning on getting it mastered professionally so keep that in mind.

I thought it sounded pretty good overall, especially for a home rolled production. I listened on my desktop reference monitors and on my head phones.

First of all, I'm no hip hop rap guru, but I'm thinking that the small bit of reverb you have on there is muddying things up a little. Seems to me most rap I hear is dryer than that. Also, I wonder if maybe a different kind of microphone might not highlight the vocals better. I don't know what you ised, but maybe a good condenser would help.

You might also try separating the vocals a little more across the stereo field.

Overall, though, I thought it was pretty solid.
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Hey thanks for checkin the tracks out. I have got a lot of tips from these forums and I learn way more here than I do in manuals. I will try backing off on some of the effects to see if that cleans it up a bit.
Hey, just droppin in to let you know that I have done some tweaks on the songs that I originally posted on here and I am pretty sure they sound a lot better than they did the first time so check em out again if you get a minute….


Thanks Again