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Thread i need some critics....

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1 i need some critics....
hi everybody!!! im new in recording but ive done a cpuople of tracks for the past six months or so. i need you guys to listen to some of the music ive done and i need an honest feedback whether it would be negative, which im sure that would be the case or positive which i dout there woukd be. please check this sight, please make some comments i really need some, anything will do espacially from the mixing side.

please check www.soundclick.com/reijahl

jah bless!
keep da riddim flowing!
positive vibration!

I prefer a much dryer drum sound, sounds swamped in reverb. but thats just personal taste. also try reducing some of the lows in your piano track
Really great open sound. Agree with above poster about the drums. Also be careful about extreme panning left and right as you lost a bit of clarity in the interesting instruments on those sides. You can get a nicer depth picture by bussing and delaying off the key tracks.
Also not completely thrilled with the drums, but there's plenty of time to keep learning; just stick with it
I want something in 8's or similar timing in the verse which doesn't seem to have as much groove as I want. I'm either raising the hats and making them more prominent. The hats are already in 8's timing. I might also have the bass follow in a similar timing with a little variation to stop it sounding mechanical.

A distorted bass tone enters on the chorus. I'm guessing that this is the bottom of the electric guitar. I would filter it at about 120hz or higher if need be to get rid of that. If this is another instrument that is making that tone then I would filter that.

In short I would add some groove to the verse and clean up the bassy sounds on the chorus.

The top song is the one I'm refering to.


I could use some critics as well - my ear is trained enough to know that I'm unhappy with our band's mixes, but not trained enough to know why.

When I listened to them in the beginning I thought they were fine, but when I compare them to the "big fish" they sound really weak.

Any ideas?

Three samples are on the following page:

We'd appreciate any help we could get from experienced ears. Thanks!

Ruby Rough