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Thread Should I switch from tascam us-122 to alesis firewire interface?

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1 Should I switch from tascam us-122 to alesis firewire interface?
Hi guys. Im fairly new to this and im a little confused. I have a us-122 tascam connected to my laptop via USB. Connected to the tascam is a midi keyboard and an AKG mic. I'm getting m-audio monitors soon but I dont know where to connect my monitors. Im thinking about switchin into the alesis firewire mixer interface.But im confused. What is the best way to connect my monitors (with an XLR input), midi synth keyboard, and mic to my computer? How can I hear everything I record and edit from the monitors the fastest and simplest way? Im on a budget and I just want to connect everything into this firewire mixer interface and have everything played in the monitors..Please help all these mixer stuff and jacks are confusing! ThankS!!:D
you can use the line out to connect to the monitors. The monitors both have jack and xlr inputs so you just have to get a converter to hook up your tascam device.
For what I read your're not only on a budget , but you're trying to be as mobile as possible . For that , your monitors are not an option regarding mobility . On the other hand , if your monitors are self powered , then yes , you just need some adaptors to plug them to your US 122 . If not , you will need an amplifier to boost the US 122's signal into your monitors thgough it .
If you stick to the ideea of mobility , I strongly recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 880 headphones to get the jobs done properly .