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Thread New Mix - SFX - Problems...checkt it out?

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1 New Mix - SFX - Problems...checkt it out?
First off, thanks for coming to check out the post. These forums have really guided me through my mixing journey. I have only been at it for about a year or so and really haven't scratched the surface yet. This song is a Hip Hop song with a war like theme. I have a bunch of nice gun and bomb and battlefield type sound effects and I would like to mix them in throughout the song. The problem is every time I try to mix a sound in, it sticks out like a soar thumb. I've tried turning it way down and panning and eqing, but still can't get that natural sound like it belongs there. Maybe you can share a few tips if you have worked with SFX in music.

Aside from that problem, I would like any feedback on the mix itself. Theres nothin like a fresh set of ears to give me a different perspective.

You can find the song at:


It is in the "SDP Mix Sample" folder and the song is called "Fall In."

Beware there is some foul language on this track. Also, the only SFX I got on there now is during the intro but I am trying to get a few during the verses, let me know what you think.

I appreciate your time,
Thats a nice mix, not much into hip hop myself but its really good.
With the samples (bomb sounds ect) you could try and use some fades on the mix, slowly bringing up the volume, or you could use some effects such as reverb, prehaps a little delay and a little chorus too, to give a distant and far away feeling to the samples. Prehaps use them where one section ends. Try and put them where there is little vocals so that they dont stick out so much... thats quite hard seen as it is lyric based... prehaps you could make the fade on the song quicker and end with a bomb sound and some delay fading off?
Just a few suggestions there, keep up the good work, also what software program are you mixing with?

Hope that helps.