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Thread Stereo Placement of 3 Guitars???

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1 Stereo Placement of 3 Guitars???
Hey all,
Sorry I haven't been on in a while....Things have changed a litte???!!!??? I've moved to South Carolina now, so I'm finally up and running again. Here's something to get ya'll started.

Stereo Placement of 3 guitars:

Here's the basic layout of my tracks. In the paranteses (sp?) I put where I have them panned....where would you go?

Bass (12:00)
Kick Drum (12:00)
Snare (1:00)
1 Rack Tom (12:30)
1 Floor Tom (11:30)
Overheads (9:00 and 3:00)
1 Acoustic Rhythm Guitar (??? Should I go back and double this track?)
1 Acoustic Lead/Picking Guitar (???_)
1 Electric Lead Guitar playing around the acoustic lead (???)
Lead Vocals (12:00)
Backing Vocals 1 (1:00)
Backing Vocals 2 (11:00)

I want to keep it nice and thick sounding. What would you do with the guitars?