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Thread Vocal Boosting...

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1 Vocal Boosting...
I'm looking for tips on boosting up vocals in a song (.wav). I want to sample the vocals (just one line) into another song with as little of the original instrumental in the background, I know it will still be there, and that's okay, I just want to minimize it. I'm have access to Acid(4)/Nuendo(2)/FL(4). Is this just a job for the eq, or is there a plugin I should look for? Thanks.
I'd say use a combination of EQ and automating the volume in Fruity?

Like, experiment with parametric EQs (or just the EQ on a FX channel if you're on 4.5) to focus in on the vox, but then maybe use volume automation to cut out any drum hits that happen when the voice isn't singing? If you do that, and then play the vox over your own backing, it'll probably sound OK. Ish. ;)