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Thread Live Recording and Computers... Help!

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1 Live Recording and Computers... Help!
Hey everyone...

I want to start doing some live recording, but just have one question... What is the best output for the computer feed? Aux? (Individual volume control is a downside) Phones? (Good/Bad audio quality?) ???????

hi joe

i dont understand your question really, do you mean which output is best for sending audio in a live show?

are you looking for head phones for mixing live audio?
I'm wondering which of the many outputs on a mixer would be best to use as the input signal to a computer. I just don't know which would be best for live recording.
if there is an aux stereo output i would use that, what are you recording through into your computer?

just the line in on it? or do you have an audio recording interface?
I was thinking of using something like a M-Audio 410 interface. Mixer, to M-Audio 410, to PC... What do you think about it?
What software have you considered with this interface? (Chances are, you already have-- this post is really old). Just posted in case you were still waiting on responses! :D