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Thread mastering sound levels

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1 mastering sound levels
What is the sound levels you use for your finished masters. Not sure if there is a standard or not. I want all my songs to be at the same volume.
Usually the peak should be around -.1 db just short of a full level signal. Otherwise some equiptment gets confused and thinks the output is clipping.

Other than that the mastering engineer will take your finished mix and eq and compress it to sound similar to other songs of the genre.

Here is a tutorial on mastering.

depending on what genre of music your doing the so called standard could change .. I would say your mix should have a reading of around +4db ... check out this link , they make a very very good plugin for this http://www.elementalaudio.com/products/inspectorxl/
Try it out using FlexiMusic Wave Editor, an audio editing and converting software. Play the audio files in this software, from the menu; select “volume” command where in either choose simple Compress/ Expand or Dynamic Compress/ Expand option to equalize the volume throughout the whole audio file. It is best to opt Simple Compress/ Expand option. The usage of Simple Compress/ Expand option is that, it will choose the optimum (maximum) level of volume of the audio file and this will be applied for the whole audio file. While using Dynamic Compress/ Expand option, the volume will be changed randomly. This option will increase the volume where it is low and decrease the volume where it is high.http://www.fleximusic.com/waveditor/overview.htm