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Thread Peaks

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Topic Peaks
Hi there,

I'm using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and I'm working on a master for a song. I've compressed it and EDd it and I want to bring up the overall level so it's around -1 db. But I have a couple of huge peaks that I can't seem to get rid of. The song right now sits at about -3 to -2, but I have a couple peaks that fly way up above the 0db mark. So when I bring the over all level up, it's not quite as loud as it could be and the peaks are way too high. Is any of this making sense?
Anyway how do I get rid of these things? I've tried all kinds of compression but it doesn't seem to work. The peaks are above -3db right, so I use the preset "limit hard -3" to cut them off at -3, but it doesn't work! My knowledge of compression isn't that great, I'm still learning, but I just can't figure this out. Can someone help me out there?

the limiter should do the trick CEP has an alright one you should try setting ur own variables though cuz it really depends on the song but it sounds like uve got it set up alright, when you are doing the compression just check the gain you are adding and then with some limiting and normalizing i dont see how it can be passing the clip line... anyway do write if you figure it out i'd like to know how it goes. good luck
p.s. what card are u using?
Nevermind I figured it out.
I just used hard limiting and set it @ -3 DB. That took care of the peaks and let me normalize up to where I wanted to be...