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Thread Using Reason 2.5 as a mixer?

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1 Using Reason 2.5 as a mixer?
I am new to reason 2.5, can it be used to mix songs? I record with Adobe Audition, but I am not crazy about the layout when trying to mix. Is it possible to import the .wav's into reason. If not any suggestions, what about other software? I am playing all instruments myself, not using loops.

Sure you can load 10 stereo (or mono) samples into ReDrum and connect the individual outs to the mixer. Be sure to set Pitch to 0, Decay Length to 127 and Mode to 0, and [color=red]set the Velocity to level control to 0 (12 o'clock).[/color]

You will have to trigger each wav in the sequencer using the drum lane. You will only be able to play the wavs from the beginning. No starting and stopping in the middle of the song.

You could use NN-19 or NN-XT just as well.

This might work well for you or it could just be a PITA.
Thanks. After some reading I am thinking about maybe going with Cubase and using rewire. Any thoughts?
Hey man.

I have Reason 2.5 and Cubase and I have been using Rewire for a couple years now. Cubase will definitely make your life a lot easier for mixing songs. You can get Cubase SE for i think around C$175. I use cubase for all my audio recording, and simply have rewire active and produce mixes to the audio, or vice versa.

One thing you have to be careful of using Rewire is that your system is up for the task. I started out using a audigy sound card in my system, and soon discovered it cant handle communicating MIDI to reason in any sort of way you played it on the keys or whatever. But i have firewire now, and i have no problems at all.

let me know how it works out.