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Thread HElp for studio design, bowl shaped ceiling

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1 HElp for studio design, bowl shaped ceiling
Hello everyone,

First maybe a quick introduction.
My name is Antoine and I am originally from Paris France.
I just moved to slovenia to do volonteering for a year in the filed of musical production (helping out the kids from the town and provide theim with recording facilities)

I found a room 3 days ago for verry cheap so I rented it.
That means that I am currently in the process of designing the studiom, and basically calculating costs and raw materials.
I have read a lots of posts on this forum and this already heped me a lot to familiarize myself with studio acoustics, so thank you for everyone contributing here....

The studio

Roughly 5,50 m by 4m.
Ceiling is 2 m at the lowest and 2,50 at the highest Bowl shaped ( do not knoy the precise word in english)
I am intending on builbing a vocal booth, keep a part of the room to record anything that does not fit ( size or soundwise) with the neutral sounding soundbooth
With empty room, the acoustic sound pretty good for recording, but not for mixing (control room should be quite neutral no?)

No real need for isolation, I am here seeking advice for acoustics only.
I am thanks to the forum familiar with constuction of booth, broadband absorbers, bass traps.
My search her eis more about the placement of those, knowing that the room is quite particular in shape.

Maybe pictires can help:





The control gear and monitors will be placed where the chair stands on the picture, monitors facing the front door.

1: My bigest concern is how to place a cloud and what size should it be? only coverning the speakers and I or should it cover the entire width of the room?

2:As you can see there is a huge cupboard on the left that can hadly be removed, is it ok to set up the side bass traps with a gap ( apx. 60 cm) behind theim, meaning that there will be an empty space behing theim? I place a piece of wood where i was thinking of placing the left corner bass trap for you guys to see.

3: I there a limit where the distance between wall and acoustic treatment? As the room is quite particular shaped, i am affraid I wont be able to have everything fitted perfect.

Thank you so much for you awnsers, I am really looking forward to this space to function properly, this is my first "out of the house" studio !!!!!