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Thread Compression: cool real-time video demo of how it works

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1 Compression: cool real-time video demo of how it works
I've read some helpful articles on AudioFanzine, but as I'm more of a visual learner, sometimes I prefer to see something to understand it.

Enter: this amazing video on how compression works. It may be slightly annoying, but I found it to be extremely helpful. Cheers.

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I could definitely see the use, but it's truly a video for guys just starting out. I think most of the AudioFanzine members have enough experience to at least know the basics about compression

With that said, this certainly can be helpful for someone just starting out who has no idea what compression is

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Harmoniuos Funk, thanks for posting the video. It does a good job of visualizing the concept of compression, and may be quite useful for some people. But you're right about the guy talking being annoying.