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Thread Finding a mic's sweet spot for vocals

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1 Finding a mic's sweet spot for vocals
I don't have singers so i record my own demos with my own vocals. I feel like I'm inefficient in finding the mic's sweet spot.

Is the best way to do this to just leave the mic in one spot in the room then click record and walk up to the mic in different positions and sing the same phrase? Or is there a more efficient way? What exactly should I be listening for? I've heard finding the sweet spot depends on both the type of voice as well as the style of song so I'm a little lost :/

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
It's really a simple process. You're trying to find the position of the source to the mic (or the mic to the source, depending on how you want to look at it) that sounds best. A good way to go, if you're working by yourself, is to arm your DAW track so you're hearing the output of the mic through your headphones, and then move gradually back and forth and side to side while singing or playing your instrument (whatever you're going to be recording), until you find the best sounding position.

There isn't one "sweet spot" that can be scientifically found, it's more of a subjective observation. What position sounds best to you for the sound you're going after. Don't sweat it too much, just take your time to try out different positioning before actually recording the track. What you don't want to do is just get in front of the mic and hit record. Think of it like a guitar player adjusting the controls on an amp before playing to get the desired sound. Good luck with your recordings!