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Thread -10db Pad Substitute?

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1 -10db Pad Substitute?
So the audio interface that I've been using for the past couple years stopped working and I bought a new cheaper one and realized it didn't have the Pad feature that I used a lot as a record really loud vocals. This might sound like a stupid question but is there any software or something that mimics the pad?

Well if you take a good look arroud in some music stores you will be able find attenuators which can put between you interface and mic.

They often look like little cylinders with a male and female xlr plug on the ends. Some of them have a reduction switch. Perhaps you can use that instead of software.
Shure has some of those and perhaps you can find one on ebay.
Good luck.

Edit: and if you a bit handy you can build something your self with some resistors and put them in an xlr connector

Note: they should not connected on the phantom power side.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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Also, many mics have -10 dB pads built in. If you were considering changing mics getting one with a pad could be an option.