Alesis NanoVerb
Alesis NanoVerb

NanoVerb, Reverb from Alesis in the NanoVerb series.

Emmanuel Delahaye 04/24/2014

Alesis NanoVerb : Emmanuel Delahaye's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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Conventional stereo digital effects presets (reverb, delay, chorus etc..). Compact case (probably not rackable). Adjusting the depth or duration. Dry / Wet mix. I / O 4 TRS. Activity indicator and saturation. Setting the input and output levels.


Used instrument effect (dry / wet) and indeed console (100% wet). In both cases, the result is satisfactory and can get out of tricky situations. Obviously there is certainly better since ... It lacks fine adjustments on the effects ...


I mainly use 'hall' and 'flat' on guitar, vocals, violin, flute ... Personally, I do not like too much delay in general, but some like it ... They assume their choice!

Never had the opportunity to test chorus, flanger and rotary ... not very popular in the traditional ...


more than 15 years ... perfect reliability. Value attractive price, but it is certainly better now. Very compact, always on hand to help me ...

I would do the selection with newer hardware, yes ...