Alesis PicoVerb
Alesis PicoVerb

PicoVerb, Reverb from Alesis.

PierreGP 10/27/2005

Alesis PicoVerb : PierreGP's user review


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Rverb ultracomptact processor - made in Malaysia.
8 rverb types of effects and some other more anecdotal.
All adj t crit level CHARACTERISTICS, except that it lacks an on / off switch and finish and quality of matrial is recessed relative to the nanocompressor m my builder.

Even when there is a thread rack below the unit and will integrate its System.


Ultra-simple and intuitive.
No possibility of edition, but ultimately, the better.


The reverbs are simply good and transparent, in short quite sufficient for my use, information on live voice and PR via a table.

No effect of rverb extreme, amateur or cathedral effect "space vehicles" refrain! All rverbs are of good quality.

Question mark for the effects chorus, flanger, delay and rotary that I never use.


This device should I use trs well: We arm, turn the knobs, a ring.
The rendering seems to me better than a rack without behr ergonomics, much better than a spring reverb amp, and at least as good as a preset TC helicon quintet.
It lacks only a power switch and must stop rgler the problem of the small size will integrate for the System.