Alesis QuadraVerb II
Alesis QuadraVerb II

QuadraVerb II, Reverb from Alesis in the QuadraVerb series.

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alexiscao 10/18/2008

Alesis QuadraVerb II : alexiscao's user review


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There are four sets of effects: Equalizer, Pitch, Delay, Rverb (more than a dozen DIFFERENT and settings).
Under the Family EQ: filters, quas band (3 5), Trmolos, Stro simulator, overdrive (!), Triggered panning and phase inverter.
Family pitch: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Lezlie, pitch shifter and detune, Ring Modulator, Flange Trigger.
Family Delay: 6 types of delays, mono or multi-tap Stros.
Family rverb: From small pice the amphitheater, each time, between 8 and 10 Paramtres adjustable.
The multi-effect can enchainer up eight effects (if the microprocessor is not too heavy), connectable to one another prs little in any direction.
Inputs and outputs: Jacks Stros, noon and optics. A bypass outlet. Specifiers from a tap tempo for example. Nothing is missing.


Operation is simple, but requires a little help sometimes to the book because it can block certain programming issues. The manual is tlchargeable on the net, but in English. However it contains many schmas, it is fairly easy to understand.
Once we have the small box in hand, going very fast and is very effective. There are 200 positions to save its config of effects, from the it is very easy to test, choose the settings to that one prefers between both effects and keep . Effect modification is also very fast.
So to use, once you get done by hand, it is nickel, but takes an hour or two.


For quality sound, things do not apply. However, several parameters are taken into account. First, the quality Gnrale and sound reproduction is very Fidler (and yet I play an instrument that does not support most of the effects). Then the multiplicity of possibilities (and following parameter effects) can correct the default that can be heard.
The high quality of this box is in my opinion rverbs and Dlay. Just the possibilities with these two families justify the current price of the box. Overall, the pitch I do not like the masses, but I use a lot of flanger or pitch shifter APRS of Dlay, or rverb get sounds very specifiers. The qualisations are not a special quality, but they are sufficient before getting ready for the sound effect, or its output channel.
The possibilities are so vast that it is necessarly happiness. IN GENERAL, I transformed my way down, because I do not like that rang ds "synthquot;. But I am amused by example with Dlay and pitch shifters have a note on the voices of men and women who rpondent left and right (stereo), have organ sounds (very short pitch Dlay + + qualiseurs rverbs +), or add an overdrive to raw (pitch + overdrive + + rverb ovrdrive) holding the notes for several seconds on her own.


I've had three years, but I did redcouverte only a few months because it took me something more versatile than my pedals that I had for my projets.Depuis I man able you not to use it.
In beginners we find it so effective that we all want him to do. But no, it has limits, and some pedals are irreplaceable. With a loop pedal, it's a gem, with a particular sound effect and it is his coaching, he turns, change of effect (2 dixime second with the dial) and can THEME his play, chorus etc. ... Its big advantage: it is effective on all types of instruments, and even on the voice.
I bought before trying other multi-effects. I've tried since, none had the sound of Quadraverb Fidler.
Currently you can receive Quadraverb between 160 and 200 euros. At this price there s no real hsitation have.