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U-FLYstudio 10/11/2009

Lexicon 200 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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This is one of the finest reverb of the old days!
Output in 1982 is a kind 224X tlcommande without and with an In and out a stro!
easy to use, it will transport you to worlds tantt soft tantt aggressive, but with a pronfondeur and warmth that one has trouble finding the models of aujourdh'ui, from the Bricasti M7, but the 200 really something special.
the algorithms "Rich & Rich flat splits" are exceptional. what power .... and what heat there and no lamp (ahem) it's pure converter first generation, like what!


Arch of short reverb ralistes despite the age,
* Try to spend a whole load enough mix in a high-end reverb now and try the same thing in 200, the diffrence is amazing, the 200 provides an enlargement of enjoyable trs the image and gives an impression of incredible wealth and never mix the original GNER and without equalization of the return of reverberation with Modl latest, it will take for a given rsultat spend a lot program review, and can reach the Galise the result of 200 on all of its programs (one cinquentaine)
reverb tested: TC M 3000, M 2000, M5000, M6000, Yamaha SPX 2000, Lexicon PCM 81, 91, 300L ...


This is an effect that blows little era for many penss with controls and effective:
Reverb time contour, pr echoes, diffusion, rolloff, prdelay, reverb time and size of the pice. nothing more and the effects are beautiful and usable.
You really feel looming on the horizon the 480L!
it says the same compartment a 480L 200 keeps its place, it is unique is produced immediately on a warm reverbs short musical architecture, the first choice by far for small acoustic ensembles (trio, quartet or quintet classical sonata or small jazz ensemble ...) is just the top, I bought my 200 Premire in 1998 and I am a huge fan since!


It is a machine that you do not want to sell and playing in the courtyard of Quantec, AMS, EMT, AKG ADR 68K and other beautiful bxs the end of 70 beginners 80. Well, it heats up just a little, but over two or three pre-amp lamp and you can cut the heat all winter. In short qualities that!!

Anyway, we see from time to time pass over the 200 second-hand market, so if you ever see one go, you throw it, you will make an extraordinary case anyway (well, what works when it is necessary same) and more what a great machine when it is still in good condition. ca devriendra certainly like me, your main reverb! one that is always connected, and proudly monopolizes the first auxiliary console.