Lexicon 480L
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U-FLYstudio 06/12/2008

Lexicon 480L : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Rack treatment mainly to reverberations ddi
In 2 and 4 XLR analog out for two motors indpendants can be cascaded
implentation MIDI
The V1.01 released in 1986 and became direct the new world standart machines "reverbs" high-end studio, and it is all the justification!
the range will be extended up to version 4.01 (surround kit) and then replaces it with the latest generation of 960L!


Is controlled from the LARC tlcommande which is fed by the control cable
possibility of RAM and ROM cartridge
200 internal programs


Beautiful, incredibly class,
the rooms, halls and plates of 480 made the music of today, the programs are as short bleuffant the amtosphere with a little work get exactly what you want
Splendid dispertion ism and the sound is rich, the quality of the converted and trs musical brings relief and depth! easily arise in a mix unlike the current concurrency, even effects on long enough or colors, it is very easy with a 480 to insert in the mix
it is also the machine that offers more colors diffrent this era, it is less kind than are the AMS or Quantec EMT.


Effect mythical one true effects of a legendary !!!!!!
it is now affordable at around 4000 euros, but this is chr machine will never be deprecated! it marks REALLY history of music stores in the same way as a Neumann U47 or an old Neve.
the only danger is the failure, I think has become much galre dpann to the 480,
compare today Bricasti M7 (which is of the same darker than the 480L)

* For those who can not afford a 480L, the 300L is a good approach and more syntjtique and PCM70 is an interesting alternative for the price, albeit a little less rich, a single engine, an edition less abundant, but the color processing and the sound of the converters is !!!!!!!