Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 70

PCM 70, Reverb from Lexicon in the PCM series.

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U-FLYstudio 07/05/2008

Lexicon PCM 70 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Between a mono, Stereo output, jack in!
routing simplistic
mine is a V2.1

! attention it gets hot, not opening the cooled aluminum frame inside the chassis, prvoir some space for the evacuation of hot air!


Trs clear even if the user manual without the storage of your own effects is a bit nbuleux for the rest it is functional trs, many parameters for the era, one of the first res offer a lot of work on primary and reflections on the dissemination of CONTRL, 4 or 6 reflections, 2 x RT crossover etc ...
and the rest we came to love his few dfaults ergonomics ....


By the cons, it is a fact that will remain in the history of audio, the same as that for minimmoog synthse, indeed, the concert hall, the gymnasium or the PCM Titled Room 70 are unmistakable!
how many albums and concerts around the world have benefitted and still bnficient service this machine. There are some models of the universe with programs 480L Lexicon 200 short fawn and more scintillating and less class, whatever its working a little program, it is not far, but serious or not, for a, you need a 200 or a Bricasti !!!!.
it is superb on acoustic guitars (rich plate), lead and backing vocals (voice flat and concert hall on the batteries ...), programs yard (gate reverb, titled room, big dark chamber ...) on the ropes with rooms, meals and short halls etc ...
I have thirty Users personal that I have worked over time and to me quite a long time now and indispensable!

it is a machine of PCM diffrent 80 91, it's a natural trs, trs is also simple set, I love the 3 paramtres envelope (diffusion, and attack DEFINITIONS) which couples the size of pice, the chorusing and 2 allow time RT dj any imagination!


A fabulous reverb, when we can not afford a 480L
trs a good balance between warmth and precision! and then the fawn calculator display of the 70's, I love it! I even bought the Bricasti that display the same !!!!!!!!

Everyone should have his own!
but it is a machine that does not dcote, part or in some cases poor state of the machine justify a price infrieur.

my machines PREFERRED:

- The Bricasti M7 (for cot dark whole mix, voice, strings, piano)
- PMK 70 (for the type chamber reverbs 480)
- The AKG ADR 68K (for the synth strings and other long reverbs, see trs long)
- LMA 245 (for mdium and voice)
- The Lexicon 200 (for small pices serious acoustic music and drums)

Arnaud Houpert
Techicien its