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Micmix Master Room XL-515
Micmix Master Room XL-515
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Published on 09/03/10 at 18:24
The MicMix Master Room XL-515 is a spring reverb system that is made for use in the studio. We have one of these at the studio where I'm working to compliment our Ecoplate plate reverb, although the plate usually sees more action. The Master Room XL-515 is a pretty in depth piece of gear, as it's got two pieces to it. The first is what is pictured above which is the main interface, but there's also another box that has the actual spring reverb inside of it. I don't know the connections at all since it's already hooked up to our patch bay. Both pieces of the XL-515 are rack mountable I believe, but we just have the one with parameters racked up, with the spring part of it set off to the side.


Using the MicMix Master Room XL-515 takes a little bit of getting used to since it's got a lot to offer. I've only used the XL-515 on two separate occasions, so there are still some things that I've got to learn about it. However, getting basic sounds is really not hard at all. I haven't seen any manual for the XL-515...


The MicMix Master Room XL-515 has an awesome sound to it, as it's a real spring reverb and this is what they will sound like! The nice thing about the Master Room XL-515 is how much control over the sound you've got and how flexible it is in general. Usually real spring reverb units don't have any parameters except leveling, but you've got the exact opposite of that here. I guess being that it's designed to be your 'master room,' it's necessary that you have as much control as possible. This is perfect for situations where you're working a small room or where you might not have any real room sounds available.


While I'd probably still prefer to use a real plate reverb, the MicMix Master Room XL-515 is an awesome spring reverb for studios of any kind. The amount of different sounds possible is awesome and the sounds are all top notch since there is a real spring reverb involved here. I don't know anything about the price of this unit or anything like that, but if you are looking for a very realistic sounding reverb system for your home or professional studio, the MicMix Master Room XL-515 will give you as much control over a very realistic sounding reverb as you'll find...