Orban Dual Reverberation 111B
Orban Dual Reverberation 111B

Dual Reverberation 111B, Reverb from Orban.

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Kori G 12/20/2013

Orban Dual Reverberation 111B : Kori G's user review

«  DUAL beautiful spring-verb. Hot and precise. »

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This is a beautiful 19 "a" blue orban "very nice, 2 units, superbly made the best time of Orban.
It is heavy (about 7kg) which is rather a guarantee of quality and strength for this kind of material.
It is completely shielded completely thick metal, and really built like a tank.

This spring is a dual-analog reverb, composed of two mono channels are identical and separately adjustable.

Front, on each channel, there is a first attenuator section with:
-Limiting threshold of a switch with two positions: Fixed and floating, and topped with a red LED.
And a double ATTEN knob. , IN and OUT at the base in the middle, graduated from 0 to 10.
Super convenient!

Then there is a BASS EQ with a graduated knob 2 2, from -12 to +12 db, with zero center high.

Then MIDRANGE section with a knob EQ identical to the bass eq,
then double-knob:
BANDWIDTH-center (acting on the shape of the filter)
PEAK 0 and from expanding to 10.
-TUNING (frequency in kHz) at the base, graded 1.8 (1800Hz) to 5.0 (5000Hz)

And right a big switch of power with a big white led.

That's all, no decay. So use with a gate to cut long queues we offer these springs.

The extensive connection terminal is at the rear.
Personally the terminal is what I prefer, easy to clean and no risk of shit compatibility view it has only to tighten the cables.
Well of course, all this must be connected to a patch-bay.

THERE has possibility to connect these machines on almost all configurations 110v to 220v possible, but more importantly, we must be careful to correctly connect the masses not to create a loop that could cause buzz and risk of damaging the gear.


Use of this reverb and a real pleasure.
It is a cinch.
Automation arrive very quickly and then just really work in his ear.
And frankly ear, it takes because this machine is really subtle and very accurate!
on the other hand, as you must adjust both channels independently of one another, it had to be very careful respect for stereo listening sound system, because an imbalance between the two channels is then quickly arrived and it does not catch up to!!
I've never seen the job mode, but this is not necessary in my opinion, except for the collection, if it exists.


The sound is really beautiful.
Reverberation is long, crystalline to crunchy but still heavenly music.
On voice, it's just completely enchanting, but do not abuse, the level is strong and hot.
Distortion when it arrives is very nice.
It can also do wonders on drums accompanied EQ and Gates.
I use it with a 424a dual-compresser/limiter/gate/de-esser Orban, Orban 622B a dual-parametric EQ, and Orban 222A Stereo Enhancer.
Together they form a wonderful rack processing for voice, drums, instruments, ... but it can also be used for mastering applications because it is almost the high-end.
The only thing I can fault is the lack of bypass.


I use it for 10 months now and I am completely thrilled.
I paid an arm, but in near new condition and I do not regret this investment.
I think it must be pretty rare because it is only the second I've seen in real life.
But it is not found, of good quality, and very helpful.
So if you cross his path, do not hesitate if the condition is good.