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TC Electronic System 6000
TC Electronic System 6000

Thread Firmware update - best method for two different units?

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1 Firmware update - best method for two different units?
We have a couple of classic TC Electronics System 6000 reverbs, one of which is used in our new show, Awakening. We need to send our unit off for a new internal battery, and want to be sure we can import its settings to our backup System 6000, which has already had the new battery installed, and is also used in our other main theater.

Problem is, the two units are on different firmware versions (main one 3.69, the backup 3.5), and each unit stores different types of files for backup. The only firmware update I can find online is version 4.0.

The question is: if I update these units to 4.0, will I still be able to restore their save files to each respective unit, even though they're completely different file types? Is there a best method to do this?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Awakening Theater
Wynn Las Vegas